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Royal jelly is a complex biological product secreted by the swallow and supramaxillar glands of young bees aged 5 to 15 days. With it, they feed the queen bee and young larvae. Fed with royal jelly, the queen bee is able to lay daily 1500 - 3000 eggs, which is equivalent to her own weight . The intensive exchange of queen bee ,her high fecundity and her long life ( she lives 5-6 years , unlike the worker bees who live 30-40 days ) is due exclusively to feeding her with royal jelly.

Basic Information

Natural Royal Jelly is a thick creamy-white mass, with specific pungent odor and a sweet-sour taste. Its high nutritional and biological value are due to the special composition of the jelly. It contains all the basic materials needed to build a living organism - proteins , carbohydrates , lipids , a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals , and other biologically active substances , some of which are still insufficiently studied . Many researchers agree that royal jelly belongs to substances with non-specific action of the body. The combined effect of its impact leads to a general uplift of the vitality of the body. Physical and mental tone of man is improved. Improves the metabolic processes , trophic, tissues and others. , Suggesting a general stimulant . The combination of its specific and non-specific effects affecting the function of almost any organ system in the body.

Chemical composition

Fresh royal jelly is composed of about 66 % water , 13 % protein, 15% carbohydrates , 5 % fat and 1% minerals. In the protein portion thereof find 18 amino acids plus nucleic acids (DNA and RNA ) , and a unique protein called royalizin . Carbohydrates are mainly fructose and glucose and fats are a complex mixture of polyunsaturated , monounsaturated and saturated fatty acids , including essential linoleic and alpha -linolenic .

  • Royal Jelly contains vitamins A, C , D, E and K. It is rich and B vitamins (B1 , B2 , B3, B9 and PP) . It is especially rich in pantothenic acid ( vitamin B5 ), which is essential for the human organism , and in particular to the synthesis and metabolism of proteins , fats, carbohydrates and several hormone
  • In royal jelly are found many natural hormones , among them testosterone.
  • From 1 to 2.5% by weight of fresh uterine fat comprises 10-hydroxy -2- detsenova acid ( HDA ).
  • Contains active enzymes and small amounts of flavonoids and phytosterols from pollen from being synthesized. In its natural composition and discover powerful antioxidant p-hydroxybenzoate (better known as methylparaben).
  • The composition of the royal jelly includes all eight essential amino acids plus ten secondary.
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