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The company is specialized in honey & bees products manufacturing, trading with beekeeping equipment. The company has strong longterm-partnerships with many companies from: Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Russia.

Main products which Royal-bees EOOD exports for these countries are :

  • 100% NATURAL BEE HONEY ( polifloral, acacia, linden, herbal, sunflower, rape, coriander and other types.)
  • 100% NATURAL FRESH ROYAL JELLY (The highest quality royal jelly in the world. All royal jelly is made on special tehnology of production from strong bulgarian bees, produced directly in our farm- HOSEYNI BEE FARM -since 1909 year).
  • 100% NATURAL BEESWAX - we have two types: RAW(collected directly from beekeepers) PURE(factory cleaned raw beeswax)
  • 100% NATURAL BEE POLLEN (multi flower bee pollen with factory process of cleaning is drying, cleaning and packing only)
  • 100% NATURAL BEE PROPOLIS - we have three types: RAW(collected directly from beekeepers) PURE(factory cleaned raw propolis) POWDER( factory powdered pure propolis)
  • ALL TYPE`S OF BEEKEEPING TOOLS AND BEEKEEPING EQUIPMENT (Our company is producing and trading with all type`s of beekeeping equipment(wooden and plastic beehives, beehive frames, honey extractors, protective clothes, beekeeping tools, feeders, all type of plastic, metal and wooden beekeeping equipment, we also can supply profesional equipment for honey factories-homogenizers, honey filters, honey pumps, honey decrystallization rooms and other tools and equipment).
Royal Bees Factory
2A Rojen Str.
4190 Saedinenie, Bulgaria

91 Maritza Blvd., floor 3, office 13
4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria

phone: +359 899 452 850
phone: +359 895 969 797